Workshop Talk

Who knew that this could be such a controversial topic! How do you set down your planes? On their side or upright? 

Whitacrebespoke shares his perspective and rationale for caring for your planes in this discussion. 

Set Down Your Plane!

2017 Resolutions

Whitacrebespoke shared his New Year's resolutions with us (re: disposable saws, plastic bottles, and the mobile mill). 

What are YOUR plans/goals/commitments for 2017? 

Whitacrebespoke's 2017 List

Quad Bluetooth Stereo Series

Oblivion is on a mission, to create a second stereo. "I really enjoyed building the last Bluetooth stereo. It worked out basically exactly as I wanted it too. Now I want to see if I can make a quad version (4 speakers). I learned quite a bit on the last build so I have a few build improvements to make to this new version. Ideally this is an experiment in keeping the cost down while still maintaining sound and style."

Follow the Series HERE