This month, we are being inspired by "heirloom in the making" cradles: handcrafted with love, celebrating the birth of a precious new little being. 

Three of Our Members' Cradle Creations

Scott Morrison's

Tom Haggerty's

Papa Time's

For those looking at building a cradle, here are some guidelines from the Canadian Consumer Product Safety website: 

  • ensure all hardware is secure and not damaged
  • do not include cutouts larger than 3mm (1/8") in height
  • spaces between the bars should be no more than 6cm (2 3/8")
  • no small parts or sharp edges
  • mattresses should not be thicker than 3.8cm (1.5")
  • the gap between the mattress and the sides should be less than 3cm (1 3/16")

Build for safety, beauty, and future generations!

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