Monthly Top 5

Such amazing creations, built and shared by our members! 

The "Top 5" Creations, for each month, are chosen by you, from our creations at - through views, comments, and tagging posts as favourites. Be sure to add your creations, to get them featured in our Woodworking Monthly.

Puzzles by Shin


"It’s been decades since I’ve made any wooden puzzles." Well, it seems like you haven't lost the touch, Shin! 

His next challenge is "puzzles boxes" and he's looking for plans, if you can help out. 

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Curved Front Box by RobsCastle

Curved Front Box by RobsCastle

RobsCastle made this treasure by "fabricating all the parts, then veneering it and adding the edge trim". 

And, as a bonus -- "While I was taking pictures of it some Magpies decide to show some interest and photo bombed the session."  You must definitely be working in a Castle, Rob! 

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Plastic Bag Holder by RichForever

Plastic Bag Holder by Richforever

Who knew that plastic bag storage is really just a game?

"One game that is not my favorite is putting the stack of plastic bags back in the corner of the kitchen. When I would grab one, they would all jump out all over the floor"

You have to read the rest of the story...

Jewelry Boxes by Francis Miles

Jewelry Boxes by Francis Miles

Oh my - look at this collection!

 "31 boxes all different sizes [used scrap offcuts], all felt lined" and from wood saved from the burn pile! 

And the question to ask ourselves is: "What have we been throwing away?" 

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Moxon Type Vise by Madts

Vise by Madts

"I have always want one of these vises. Firstly because they are inexpensive, and secondly because they are portable." 

Inexpensive, Portable << woodworkers' best friends!

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