CRAZY - a Willie Nelson Tribute by CindyG

For this month's Editor's Choice I just had to give kudos to CindyG for this extraordinary piece of art and wonderful tribute to Willie Nelson. 

Made with 25 different species of wood, including the Rosewood used for the guitar, this magnificent piece of woodworking is currently sitting at the Texas Furniture Makers Show, waiting for the event's judging.  

I asked Cindy (and Spider) what the most challenging and most rewarding parts of the process were. The response was as follows:

Spider answered: "Working with that crazy redhead…"

Cindy's response: Actually, equal collaboration on a project is more challenging and can take more time than working on it alone. However, it is a far more rewarding process because new possibilities emerge that would not otherwise have shown up, and with a more satisfying result; problem-solving is more effective and, fun. Plus, when completed, the joy of accomplishing an ambitious vision becomes a highly rewarding experience when shared.

The table too over 200 hours to create, including the design process. And, I would imagine there were challenges, successes, and lessons learned. The lesson that they shared with me was that the Laser-cut steel process is superior to any other method.

I also wanted to know what was next on the agenda, now that this amazing piece of art was complete. 

The answer? A compound-hinge folding organic dining table. 

And now we wait. Oh the possibilities! 

Thank-you Cindy and Spider for sharing this story with us.

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