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Winter Awards

Hello December! My goodness the year has gone by quickly. Not only does that mean that it is holiday season but also that our Winter Awards is around the corner. 

And what is our "Winter Awards" this time? Well .. let me give you a hint. It holds things. Ok, it is a box! 

  • "Giving the Gift of Boxes: build a special box for a special someone and share the beauty and the inspiration with us for this Winter Awards."

When I started my journey into woodworking I just wanted to make a box - any box, just a box! Over the years I have made several boxes: bandsaw boxes, boxes with hinged lids, boxes with sliding lids, boxes to hold controllers, and boxes with legs (ok, that was a table - but it had a "box" hidden under the top). 

Most of my boxes have been for my own personal use (first because they were always for a specific purpose and secondly because I didn't think they were worthy of being a gift). But, I did make at least one as a gift - one for my Mother. I had forgotten about that until right now. I wonder what she did with it? She probably tucked it away in her china cabinet full of treasures.  

With this reminiscing, I had to go check out the boxes that I have created. Here they come. (The first, with the heart in the lid is my very first official woodworking project; and the second one is the gift I made for my Mom.)

My Very First Project

My Gift for my Mom

With Scroll Work

My First Project: which happened to be a box. Apparently, (I had forgotten about this), I made this for my daughter in celebration of her first teaching position. Her feedback was: "This is beautiful—it’s so smooth!!”

The Gift for My Mom's 80th Birthday: I didn't make a note of what her comments were but I did make a record of the design: "The pillar represents my Mom who is the pillar of the family and if you can see it, the knot in the wood looks like an eye, presenting how she keeps her eye on everyone to make sure she is there when needed."

The Scroll Work: I was quite proud of this beautiful box - until it started collecting dust! Then it just wasn't as pretty any more. Note to self: create non-dust-collecting-creations! 

Magnetic Closure

Drawers are Boxes!

I love WILLOW!

The box under the lid

And a little chip carving


So there you go -- an inspiration to participate in our Winter Awards. You don't have to be a Master Woodworker to be proud of your creations! 

I look forward to seeing your entry!