Wood of the Month: Maple

Let's Talk Maple!

Oh, the glorious maple tree! Such beautiful foliage throughout the year, especially in the fall, and, besides the provider of wood for the woodworking craft, we cannot forget maple syrup, maple sugar, maple candy, and the delicious list goes on! 

Not that that is enough about candy, but we really should move on to focussing on the wood. Let's start at the hardness of the wood. There are basically two types: hard and soft. Hard maple, which is the source of our maple syrup, but I digress again, is one species of tree - the Sugar Maple. All other varieties fall under the category of soft maple, which just means that the wood is softer than the hard variety, not that it is softer than all hard woods. [source

Working With Maple

The Pros:  strong, durable, and beautiful; can have beautiful grains, such as the curly-maple

The Cons: wood movement (ensure the wood is well seasoned), can be challenging to stain

The End Results

Here are some of the creations shared by our fellow WoodworkingWeb members: