Bird Feeders

Fall: 'tis the season for the birds to migrate and our summer birds are slowly being replaced by our winter ones. As I write this, yesterday, I listened to the sounds of the Blue Jays calling, as their numbers increased in my yard, and I saw a small flock of Robins flying through, as they headed south to their summer homes. The call of the Blue Jay is a beautiful thing, especially in the fall, and October sightings of robins is quite rare, making yesterday's experience a glorious thing!

With the migration of birds, many of us have started preparing our bird feeders for the upcoming winter months. I thought I would share some tips, to help make the feeders safe, effective, and healthy for our winged friends.

  • some birds only feed from raised feeders
  • others eat the feed that has fallen to the ground below
  • some birds are drawn to suet
  • some birds eat large seeds while others eat only tiny seeds
  • place the feeders near (but not in) trees or bushes for protection, allowing a view for predators
  • don't forget the water 

Bird feeders are a great woodworking project and our WoodworkingWeb members have shared some of their creations with us. Check these out:

Our Theme of the Month: Bird Feeders