Fantasy of Candle

Fantasy of Candle - even the title is poetic and beautiful. The flow of lines and wood grain have been used to enhance the image of a candle, the fantasy of candle. The piece is filled with layers, each artistically created through the use of marquetry.

Inspired by a poem, Andulino created this beautiful marquetry piece using seven different types of wood. A teacher had invited Andulino to his exhibition where the poem was read and Andulino immediately imagined the marquetry piece. He drew the sketch and, with 50 hours of inspired labour, the piece was produced. 

The most challenging part, according to Andulino was the veneering section, as it always it, he says. But, as you can see, he was able to work through the challenge to create this extraordinary piece of art.

Andulino's Fantasy of Candle

Fantasy of Candle by Andulino

Andulino, from Budapest Hungary, has been a member of our WoodworkingWeb community since March of 2015 and, since then, has shared 19 beautiful creations with us.  He has been working with marquetry for 12 years.

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