Wood of the Month: Ash

Inspired by my Editor's Choice, Dutchy's Scraper, I thought we would take a closer look at "ash" this month.

Scraper by Dutchy

Scraper by Dutchy

Ash has a grain similar to that of oak and, in my opinion, it has a beautiful combination of sapwood and heartwood. It is a lovely wood to work with, both with hand and power tools, as well as with staining and steam bending, and it is one of the most frequently used hardwoods for tool handles! 

The ash tree, we should mention, is at risk in many areas, due to an influx of the emerald ash borer insect. Recently, in Toronto Canada, they were expecting to remove close to 100,000 ash trees. That is just one region. Let's hope that the experts can get a handle on this so that the beautiful ash tree is no longer at risk.

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