Editorial: Style Influences

Avatar Debbie

What Influences Your Style?

Perhaps when you begin a woodworking project, you start with pencil to paper to design that next creation. Maybe you are a "dive right in" type of woodworker, with an idea in your head and are driven to get it done. But before that stage, there is often an influence of which we may or may not be aware. 

Do you have a "style" that tends to make an appearance in all your work? Do you lean towards creating extravagant embellishments to your work or do you prefer simple, clean lines? Are you inspired by the rustic look or perhaps you get excited about a more industrial feel? 

There have been so many design styles throughout the ages that, basically, everything can be slotted into one style or another. This month's theme is the Arts & Crafts style - clean lines, attention to detail, and a focus on the beauty of the wood. 

Do you have a style that you lean towards? We'd love to hear the "what and why". 

This Month's Articles

And, this is an exciting issue, with articles by three of our members! 

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Happy Woodworking, everyone!