Wood of the Month: Pecan


"Justas" - we often use the term in our daily lives. It is "justa" bird. It is "justa" simple box. It is "justa" something I threw together.

But "justas", as I call them, should never be taken for granted. "Just" (pun intended) look at the base that Rolando Pupo used for his Red-tailed Hawk. It is "justa" piece of pecan wood that fell onto his deck one day. But look at it -- it is beautiful and a perfect setting for his magnificent carving! 

Red Tail Hawk Rolando Pupo

Red Tail Hawk by Rolando Pupo

Pecan Bench

And look at this bench, restored by Sean, using spalted pecan. It is a completely different use of the wood than that in the Hawk carving, but equally as stunning! 

Pecan Bench by Sean

Pecan Bench by Sean

Pecan Wood

Pecan wood, with its beauty as seen in the creations above, glues and stains well and is one of the harder woods found in North America. 

However, along with the advantages, there are the challenges of having an increased risk of tear-out, if your tools aren't sharp, and the probability of there being insect damage, which may or may not be a desired characteristic. 

What are your experiences with pecan wood? 

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