Theme of the Month: The Beach

Here in Canada, we are in the middle of our summer, with humidity levels of over 80% - that is hot and sweaty. When our summer temperatures arrive, there is no better place to be than at the beach.

Looking through the creations posted on, I first found this beautiful desk created by Gator. Perhaps it isn't exactly a "beach" but it does look like it is leading us to one!

American River Table by Gator

American River Table by Gator

Next, I found this fun plaque, by Jim Webster, made with fishing lures. Now, doesn't that just say "cottage" to you?! 

Beach Crafts by Jim Webster

Beach Crafts

And, one more, - what is an outing to the beach or cottage without something to sit on? 

Bill Higgins made this beach chair with some cedar that his father-in-law gave him. 

Beach Chair by Bill Higgins

Beach Chair by Bill Higgins
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