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Carving Letters

Whitacrebespoke shared the following, in his blog: "Confident strikes are the key to clean cuts; the first straight stab cut and the two cuts to pop the waste on the bulk of the letters are key. Clean confidant strikes then finishing strokes with chisel in hand are the way to work when carving letters.  I start a piece by taking out the bulk of the straight cross grain cuts on the piece I do all the cuts I can with that on chisel in hand! Then I start on..."  [Read his blog, here]

What tips do you have for carving letters? 

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The basics: Joining two pieces of wood, aligning the grain (and knots, etc) to create a mirror image.

The advanced: "Mirrors have always been the best way to find good matches. My twist is to use acrylic mirrors and run a saw half way up near the ends of two pieces. Then I can interlock them to view matches. This allows me to step back, not having to hold mirrors and makes it easier to move the mirrors around." ~ shipwright

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Recall: Direct Distributors Recalls Angle Grinders Due to Risk of Laceration

This recall involves 4-inch air angle grinders with model number 20687. The model number is printed on the packaging. The grinders have a blue handle and some models have the ASC logo on the top.

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Plans Change

Bopeep shared this, in her project blog: "I had a rough sketch on a piece of paper giving me a basic idea of what it was meant to look like and by the time I’d got carried away shaping it and adding the letters it looked completely different!"

How often has this happened to you?

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