Genuine Mahogany

In my interview with Billp, he mentioned that his favourite wood was "Genuine Mahogany" and I thought I should do a little research to see what the characteristics of this wood are. 

Off to Wikipedia I went, for some basic information, and the first description I saw was that it is "straight grained". Well, doesn't that just sound wonderful! Also, Wiki states that the wood is "prized for its beauty, durability, and color". This, then, sent me back to to check out the beautiful creations made with this wood and I found lots! 

WoodworkingWeb Mahogany Creations
(Here are three of the beautiful mahogany creations)

Another interesting piece of information that I found on Wikipedia was that mahogany is the national tree of the Dominican Replublic and Belize! I find that particularly interesting because our Theme this month is "National Pride"!! What a coincidence. 

I started off by referring to Billp and I will end in the same way. Here is his mahogany creation that he has shared with us.