What's Happening

What's New? Well, our new Gazette format, of course! 

We are heading in a new direction with our Woodworking Monthly and this is our first, our "jig" for upcoming issues. Along the way, we will seek your feedback and input, tweak the magazine here and there, and watch it unfold and grow, thanks to you! 

WoodworkingWeb.com and our WoodworkingMonthly is all about you, the members of our community. It is your creativity, your skills, your sharing with and supporting of others, your questions, your learning curves, and your tips that make, well, community! 

We will be looking for volunteers to write some articles for our new Woodworking Monthly. We will be looking for skill-sharing articles, "how to" tutorials, and personal stories of lessons learned... (and any other ideas that you might have - please message me if you would like to write something!)

I am really excited about this new direction and I can't wait to see where it heads!

Besides the Woodworking Monthly, we also have our Summer Awards taking place right now. It's not exactly new, but it is happening right now. What is new, however, about this Awards, is that we have teamed up with Lee Valley - check out the prizes!! This is really exciting. A big thank-you to Lee Valley Tools!

We'd also like to send out sympathies out to the Lee family, following the passing of the founder, Leonard Lee.