The Lowly Measuring Tape

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"Lowly", you say? I think not!! 

What began as a simple question about how many measuring tapes our members had, turned into a series of questions, because, well, obviously they are vital tools in the workshop. "How vital", you ask? Well, a1Jim takes the prize (so far) with his response of "14". 

Wolf & Rabbit have three usable ones on the bench and five or six broken ones in the drawer -- and, so, that lead us to Part II of the series on measuring tapes: what do you do with broken ones? I'll let you read (and add to the list) here. There are some interesting suggestions!

After talking about being broken, I thought it was only fair to talk about the good stuff and we went to: "What everyone should know about measuring tapes". 

Who knew that there was so much to know about measuring tapes!