A Bench Fit For A Museum

This bench is not only "fit for a museum" but that is exactly where it is going! 

This beautiful piece, created by Billp, is made of quarter-sawn white oak and not only considers the beauty of the wood in the creation, but also the children who will be utilizing the bench when it is in the museum. 

The bench, with its torsion hinges, will house antique wooden toys and will, also, most likely inspire a few games of checkers! 

At first glance, I thought that, perhaps, the checkerboard was the most challenging part of the build, but. then, I took a closer look at those legs. I asked Bill about them and he shared this: 

The bench was a fun build. I made a template for the legs and after cutting them out on the band saw, finished them off with a flush trim bit on the router table. Then I glued them together. I veneered the checker board, then made a jig to inlay it into the top; made the box; did the dovetails on my Incra jig on my router table. It took about two weeks to complete.

Well, Billp, it is beautiful and fit for a museum. 

The Bench