Member Spotlight: Billp

Billp joined our WoodworkingWeb community in June of this year and his two creations posted have already hit our "Trending" page! 

Inspired and intrigued by his Museum Bench, I had to do an interview.  (click on the button below for the full interview)

What is your “inspiration story” — where did your interest in woodworking all begin?

I first got interested in wood working through my father in law. He drew up the plans for my kitchen cabinets and I made them. I had no experience but just learned as I progressed. 

Then, when we moved into our current home I decided to put a wood shop in the basement. Most of my learning is from reading. I must have a couple hundred books on all phases of woodworking. I learn a lot from looking at videos. I also have learned a lot from asking question of the talented people on woodworking websites. 

I never seem to make the same thing twice, I love the challenge of doing something I have know idea of how to do it. Then figure it out as I go. I had a stroke in 98 and my memory really stinks since then. So I look at furniture that I have made and can't remember how the heck I made it. So now often I have to re-learn some of the methods. 

Power or hand tools? … and why

My tools are, table saw, bandsaw, jointer,chop saw, jig saw, homemade router table; I made my veneer press and a torsion box work table. I have several sanders. 

I also have a Fuji HVLP sprayer. I built my spray booth that is in the basement and vents outside. I have a home made drum sander. 

I have a neat dust collection system I made that use's two semi truck filters and a baffle system in the bag. It is connected to a top hat on top of a garbage can. I have never had to empty the bag on my dust collector ever since I installed it and that's been over 4 yrs ago. Just have to empty the garbage can.

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